Scaffold Inspection Types


We offer a range of Scaffold Inspection types ranging from initial handover, weekly checks, alterations, one off scaffold audits or following adverse weather.

These inspections are recommended to show any poor practice, dangerous practice and deficiencies for clients wishing to minimise potential accidents and provide an extra peace of mind.  Site managers can generally only inspect scaffold that falls within TG20 ‘basic scaffold’


Anchor Testing

We provide certified Anchor Pull Tests up to 20Kn, for peace of mind that the fabric of the building is sufficient to withhold anchor loads.  All testing is done independently by qualified Scaffold Inspection Service staff and in accordance to TG4:11.

Where a scaffold has been erected and loads required identified, Scaffold Inspection Service will undertake a site visit and carry out Anchor Pull Testing.  This will demonstrate whether anchors can resist the load required.  A full report will be produced.

This information is imperative to allow a comprehensive and full scaffold design,  and will in-turn reduce the use of anchors and potentially reduce scaffolding materials requirements.  Where fabric is found to be weak or unsuitable the test will allow for a suitable re-design before scaffold erection commences, thus saving time and money.

Hilti Anchoring Testing